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Toker Vision - Spooky Edition

All the following gifts are "spooky" good and available right now from the following DC recreational (DC I-71) services and storefronts. They're also super mobile and easy to carry around inside your costume. Here they are in no particular order - but we might have saved the spookiest for last!:


If you do it right, these could help make the perfect Halloween for yourself and a slew of your friends. Maybe don't try to light them all up in the same night, though. It's a long weekend!

Gary Payton Cookies & Lemonnade Cake Mix Glass Tipped Blunts - Buddha Buddy DC (Delivery Service)


Buddha Buddy DC is always bringing interesting gifts to bear, but they're becoming known more and more for their pre-roll and blunt offerings. Take these two beloved branded blunts, each perfectly rolled with hemp leaf, a glass tip, and true-to-form bud on the inside.


When you open the Gary Payton Cookies the smell of freshly baked ganja cookies blesses your entire nasal cavity. It was just like opening a jar or sealed pack of Cookies' fam GP, but already rolled and ready to go, tip and all!


The Cake Mix was equally as delectable and very similar in aroma and flavor, but with just that extra bit of sugary, "cakey" sweetness. The baking analogy continues to work for Cookies' oriented varietals imo. In this case - just as the names imply - the flavor difference is much like that between eating a sugar cookie vs eating angel food cake. Both are sugary and similar in flavor, but there are subtle differences that make each special.


Cannahiba RS 11 and Runtz Wood Tipped "Cannons" - Elevated Lounge DC

An excellent contender for best pre-roll in DC, the Cannahiba Cannons available from our friends over at Elevated Lounge make for excellent party favors. If you happen to light one up on the patio of a Halloween party (or two) expect everyone to take note. True stoners are likely to approach immediately and begin inquiring about it. Even Irish bartenders who happen to be taking the trash out at an opportune moment might say to you "Holy f**k that smells amazing!" (true story).


But, you all should be extra careful to note the RS 11 strain. This is pretty special and a super delightful exotic to come by. According to LA Weekly back in Oct 2020, "RS 11 is a pairing of OZK with Pink Guava that was then crossed with a Sunset Sherbert backcross phenotype known as Black Sherb for a tendency to get darker than other versions of the strain." What was exclusive back then remains exclusive now, as you can only get this RS 11 in the form of these Cannahiba cannons (at least for the moment). We sure would love to see it in some jars soon!


With a fruit forward stance somewhere near lime on the flavor spectrum, this one will leave your tastebuds happily triggered. Note the wooden tips make these things exquisite, but just as the Elevated Lounge manager said it would, this "really knocked (our) socks off!"


EyeSmoke Organic Pre-roll Pack w/ Glass Tip - No Kids Allowed (Storefront)

From the moment DC I-71 storefront No Kids Allowed handed them to us, it was clear the creator of these seven artfully rolled organic pre-rolls, "EyeSmoke", takes their toking connoisseurdom to the next level. The box is a work of art in and of itself, it comes with matches, and there's even a strike pad along the bottom. Pro tip!: matches can make the flavor of joints, bowls, and bongs a bit more pure and pronounced.


The packs comes shrink-wrapped and you can tell the freshness has been retained. Even the paper is still soft and subtle. Yet, probably the most user-friendly inclusion in this pack is the glass tip. It's ergonomic in design and seals perfectly against the filter of each pre-roll making for a cleaner, more elegant toke. Clean it up, and it becomes re-usable on all future joints far after this pack is gone.


In fact, I'd say the intention here - especially given the nicely closing magnetic clasp on the box - is for the whole unit to be re-usable as your go-to joint tote. Either way, that's what I'll be doing with it once these are all torched. Overall, beautiful packaging, a great design, and excellence with each puff.


So, as you prep your costumes for the spooky fun that awaits you this weekend, consider picking up - or having delivered - some of the aforementioned toking creations. They may not bring back all the magic that the holiday had when you were a kid, but they can definitely make all the candy taste just as good! I hope you all have a great and safe Halloween!

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