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Highlighting Three High-end Concentrates for the Holidays - Top Secret DC

Hello, fellow Tokers! When DC I-71 vendor Top Secret DC gave us a call on the Toker Line and asked if we could review a slew of their awesome new concentrates in a single post, we were not only up to the challenge, we were stoked AF. I mean it's not everyday that such a wide variety of some of the finest concentrate in the world just falls into your lap.

Whether it's diamonds, terp sauce, sugar, shatter, badder, rosin, or live resin you're after, you can pretty much find it all in the DC I-71 scene. However, many times, the quality can be somewhat less than desired. If you feel this way, or if you're like us and you're just an outright stickler for quality in general, then allow me to present the following for your consideration:

Juice House 7Star Rosin

To catch you all up to speed, rosin is made using a lot of heat and pressure to squeeze the resin from buds (or kief, trim) in a solventless manner. When done right, it will have the terpene profile from the original input with all the great flavor, aroma, and entourage of effects.

In this case, it's likely that the rosin was made from some of the finest kief (hence the "7star" rating). The flavor is out of this world, and upon exhale, you immediately know you're in for something more intense than usual. The effects hit you super quick, super hard, and rush right to your forehead through your face. Full of euphoria and long-lasting, be prepared to vegetate on this one for a while. Maybe throw on some great holiday movies and avoid the fam for while? Careful though, if your tolerance isn't high, your little cousins might start wondering what's wrong with you when you raid the fridge with reckless abandon less than an hour after dinner.

"Nug-run" Solvent-less Shatter

As the name implies, this is "shatter"—though very different than what you might typically find as shatter—made solely from the nug, or buds, of a fine cannabis harvest. The result is quite close to live resin, just not cryogenically frozen prior to pressing. So, technically, you might lose a bit of the cannabinoids, but you still get some tremendously delicious, fresh and gassy concentrate that's just perfect for dabbing.

This one is made from fresh-cut Gorilla Poundcake (indica-leaning) and you can totally taste the (nom nom nom) freshness! Of course this one isn't quite as strong as the previous "7star" but it's certainly very pure/high quality and an immensely enjoyable experience. It is a little easier to hang around those not in the know with this concentrate on-board at a holiday gathering, but the issue for me became the overt cottonmouth and need to steadily have a drink in my hand (not really a major issue though, right?).

Northern Lights X White Widow Sugar Wax

Running highly pure, sugar wax is refined in much the same way as sugar from sugarcane: with heat purging and vacuuming designed to spawn crystallization. Even though this type of concentrate has such a pure, sugary texture, it is still able to retain the terpene profile, and thus, is exceptionally delicious AND strong. Obviously, this is no surprise to those with exposure to the flavor heavyweight input varietals, Northern Lights X White Widow. An advantage of this format that cannot be overlooked is that it's easy to work with nature. The crystals break up easily and scoop seamlessly into whatever bucket or device you like without a mess.

This holiday season, if you're in need of carrying an epic buzz through the "merriment" abounding across Zoom channels galore, then think about doing a holiday concentrate sampler by getting all three of the aforementioned and keeping the dab rig just off-screen nearby. Holler at Top Secret DC today to make it happen!

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