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Zack's Pie - Exotic Blooms

Well folks, Exotic Blooms has done it again! If you regard yourself as any kind of connoisseur, you need to check out this absolutely fabulous batch of Zack's Pie they currently have in their gift inventory.

An evenly balanced hybrid, Zack's Pie is a formidably strong, modern strain with fan favorite Wedding Cake and flavor monster Grape Pie as its parents. I thought that many of the still pictures of the sample I received didn't do her justice, so I switched to video for the below:

As you can see, this fresh and frosty cola top is just littered with trichomes and an amalgamation of exotic blues, purples, and greens. It's as easy to say as it is to see that this bud is phenomenal - the epitome of "designer" flower if you will.

In nose and flavor, the take away is pie 🥧 . Like a warm, fresh-from-the-oven, fruit pie sitting in the window of a shop you're passing by on warm sunny day. What fruit? Personally, I think it changes with the hit. Sometimes it's cherry, sometimes it's blueberry, others it's grape. Regardless, it's so utterly delicious, maybe it could be its own fruit pie. The zackberry? A zackberry pie? 😂🤦‍♂️

Maybe the more important question besides "what fruit pie does this taste like" is "who is Zack?" Could it be a reference to the Zack's pie incident from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody? - I swear this is a thing. Could it be one of the low key farmers in the Jungle Boys collective? Incidentally, the Jungle Boys, out of So. Cal are the originators of Zack's Pie. If you're not familiar with the Jungle Boys, they are a collective of farmers that have been committed to growing clean and potent cannabis for over a decade now. Known by pros as "prolific phenotype hunters" they have been responsible for such works as Mimosa, Jungle Cake, and Sundae Driver.

When it comes to sessions with this specimen, I definitely recommend a new methodology I've been experimenting with - the flower vape to 18" glass bong via adapter. In fact, I'm going to write a whole article on this contraption shortly. Anyhow, the vape makes the Zack's Pie taste AWESOME, but when you chill that vapor with a little ice water...BOOM goes the flavor!

The effects of this batch are very much in-line with what you would expect from a 50/50 hybrid with, perhaps, a slight lean to the more relaxation-oriented activities. I found it highly euphoric and without much mental cloudiness. In fact, you could say that the high was evenly spread between head buzz and body buzz - certainly a nice treat.

If you're looking for a high potency, designer-level, let's get BAKED and chill out kind of bud for your weekend, look no further. Hit up Exotic Blooms to get yours today!


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