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Denver Cookies - Exotic Blooms

"These are some serious cookies!" Or at least that's what my buddy said after taking a massive rip of these Denver Cookies from Exotic Blooms. I have to agree. Whoever thought to combine the lineages that are believed to make up this strain - Durban Poison X Girl Scout Cookies X an undisclosed OG - is a weed genius because this might be the perfect, slightly sativa heavy hybrid (roughly 60/40).

The aroma is that of strong anise, much like the Durban Poison which we recently reviewed from Exotic Blooms (here), but mixed with notes of something exotic and sweet - hard to place, really. It's kind of like a lemon merengue pastry, but with more shocking effervescence.

In the above and below images, you can certainly see SOME of the crazy coloration, but it really doesn't do it justice. There are almost tiger-like stripe patterns created by the contrast between the dark purple hues and the rampant rows of trichomes on trichomes. It's something of an exotic brindle - the kind you might find on a cannabis seed of similar caliber.

Under the macro, this specimen is simply fantastic to explore. The golden OOOOooozing resin coming from the tips of the buds tells you all you need to know about how well this grow was tended to. The structure is that ideal brittle, but still sticky enough to give super glue a run for its money. You pretty much can't roll this in a joint by the way. At least not right away. And it's definitely not wet, it's that resin ooze again - you gotta grind, let her chill and breathe for bit, then try to roll up. Still, good luck with that. For me, this one is reserved for the vape and water pipe only!

With energy and euphoric feels galore, even the most seasoned and high tolerance tokers will find this bud possesses an immensely enjoyable and long lasting buzz. For those who medicate with cannabis, as I do, you may find this to be a real go-to in cases where other strains just aren't cutting it, and this is especially true in situations that call for energy and alertness. We haven't talked much about entourage effects on the Toker's Guide yet (an article is forthcoming), but this one seems to carry something of a full medicine cabinet around with it. For now, let's just say I'm very, very impressed by this bud's effects.

Overall, I give this one an A+ and Five Stars - full marks across the board. To check out some Denver Cookies for yourself, hit up Exotic Blooms ASAP!


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