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Garanamal - Exotic Blooms

Greetings my nighttime indica tokers. As an early riser, I had to stay up a bit late for this one, but it sure is a stupendous treat to share this Garanamal from Exotic Blooms with you. As you may or may not know I like to partake in the strains I review during, or just before, the review process. In this case, the whole before aspect has left me with a quite a difficult task ahead. That is to say that this highly indica dominant strain has me effectively couch-locked, computer on chest, trying to type out this review to you with out drooling on my keyboard to much.

So yeah, as you might have guessed this one is a pretty epic strain. Its lineage is that of Grape Ape and the ever enjoyable Animal Cookies and this is abundantly apparent in the incredible nutty, cookie-like taste. Yet, also present are exotically sweet, berry-esque notes. It kind of conjured memories of zoo cookies from elementary school years getting mixed with a fruit roll-up in your snack bag. Man I could go for a fruit roll-up right now.

Where was I? Shit. Ok. So I'm feeling extreme euphoria, squinty eyes, cotton mouth, a halo-like headband feeling, perhaps some auditory hallucinations? Lemme come back to this...

...and we're back. A little more energy now. Still super toasty though. Let's give it another shot...

From a cultivation standpoint, this batch is epically manicured from root to cola. Immediately remarkable is the unbelievable amount of starry trichomes ALL OVER these buds. They are so starry that the pictures don't just not do them justice, they actually mess with the lighting. It's hard to capture, but I think, even with a bit of blur you can get the idea.

In the macro, with starriness tamed, the freshness and maturity of the trichomes at harvest is clear based on the sheer white and round globules of resin forming at the top. The density of this strain is also evident as you attempt to break what should be easily snap-able buds,

and their stickiness quickly impedes the process. Definitely break out your sharpest grinder to assist!

Overall, this is an other worldly indica worthy of the finest toker's pallet and tolerance. If you're looking for something on that end of the spectrum that will rise above the rest, treat you right, and consistently leave you in a blissfully tranquil state, Garanamal is where it's at. Give Exotic Blooms a shout ASAP to get some for yourself.

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