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Gelonade - Puff Kings DC

Matt Green (Founder, Toker's Guide): "I'd like to give a super warm and fuzzy welcome to one awesome new member of the Toker's Guide I-71 services family, Puff Kings DC. With a menu that is sure to delight the most discerning cannabis flower connoisseur - we tried them, it was awesome, we're going back - we are happy to welcome these DMV originals to the fold. Stay tuned as well because we have a stack of sexy reviews coming down the pike from them in the near future!


I'd also like to formally welcome our newest member of the Toker's Guide team, Jack Dobbyn. He's a great dude, knows his cannabis (or "cheeba" as he likes to say) inside and out - he prefers indoor though 😂 🙏 - and we are overjoyed to have him working his magic for us across the DC cannabis scene!

Without further ado, here...<drum roll please> Jack's first review...."


Greetings everyone! So extremely psyched to be a part of this...this...movement? Can I say movement? We're gonna say movement! So as my first review, I want you all to check out this incredibly citrusy "cheeba" from Puff Kings DC call Gelonade.

The first thing that comes to mind when getting your hands on this stunning specimen of a sativa dominant hybrid is: “Wow, this looks f***ing interstellar!”. Certainly looks can be deceiving when it comes to weed. I've been so psyched to try some phenomenal LOOKING bud before only to be disappointed with it's inability to hold up to my typical standards.

Anyhow, NOT. IN. THIS. CASE. This is absolute fire cheeba. Its heavenly orange citrus candy notes, superior bud structure, and imminent smokability make this cross between Lemon Tree and Gelato #41 one for the sativa lover's memory books.

It's reminiscent of a fresh orange peel, but with a smooth Gelato back - something that might make you pause and look around like, "did anyone else taste how awesome that was just now?"

It is strikingly similar to the recently reviewed Tropicana Cookies, but with just a tinge of that sweet creamy goodness stemming from the clear Gelato influence. Trying them both side by side and comparing differences was an experience to behold in and of itself.

In terms of appearances, dark purple buds offer a perfect backdrop for blaze orange hairs contrasted with violet hued, white trichomes. While enjoying this rockstar one notes a sudden uplifting feeling that brings a peaceful happiness. Perfect for the start of a new day or sliding into the evening with a smile on your face, leave this one for the daytime and you'll have hours full of a blissful, citrus-glazed buzz.

Hit up Puff Kings DC today to grab some of these gorgeous buds for yourself. Tell them Jack sent ya!

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