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Meet District Derp: Pup Art & Cannabis Gifts

Greetings Tokers! We are thrilled to introduce you all to a group we at Tokers Guide find exceptional, intriguing, and highly admirable. They're called District Derp and when it comes to cannabis and their mission, they're not just helping the cause, they're helping many causes! They are women-owned, socially-conscious, and economically operated, but whats more is their artist in residence happens to be a fantastic furry emotional support canine named Sudo. She's an Alaskan Klee Kai to more exact, a breed known for their energy and intelligence, and she creates some absolutely beautiful paintings - I'm getting one for my living room, I think it will look...pawfect! 🤣🤦‍♂️


With each purchased painting, they're also donating a portion of the proceeds to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization that promotes and facilitates pet adoption in the greater DC, MD, VA region. It's beautiful to see such a gleeful little pup doing her part to help those in need!


Founded in 2018, District Derp Art Gallery set out to break the stigmas associated with cannabis and provide a safe and hospitable way to give it to all who partake in Washington, D.C. - the connoisseurs and the casual smokers alike. They are keenly focused on quality, with cleanly sourced and minimally processed ingredients at the forefront. Their flower also undergoes potency, pesticide, and heavy metal inspection (we are big fans and would love to see this implemented by everyone). Naturally, being so intrigued by their novel and ESG-oriented business model, we just had to know if their flower would be as on point as their reputation implied.


...and HUZZAH to our own glee and delight (***jumps up and down with Sudo and other pups***) it definitely was! Their Modified Grapes, a crossbreed of epic varietals GMO and Purple Punch, is what we were handed inside of a pleasantly Derp branded and sealed pack. Even through the window of plastic on the back you could immediately tell that this was something special.


Slightly indica dominant at approximately a 60/40 ratio, this fruity flavor packed exotic slice had everyone in my personal toking lair turning their heads and coming in for a closer look. Upon first puff, the fruity notes came immediately forward, but not in a sugary sense. No, the aroma of these "grapes" was much more spicy and earthy like a red wine. Combine that with skunky and piney undertones and you've got the mixings of one awesome "modified" monster hit.


If you know GMO well, you're well aware of its innate ability to flat out knock you out. for this reason it's typically a nighttime smoke. However, with the purple punch adding some sativa pick-me-up, this strain lets you enjoy all the joyous indica feels of the cookie's offshoot, without going comatose. Therefore, I'm comfortable saying I could entertain this in the late afternoon or early evening depending on circumstances.


Across all the gift specimens that District Derp purveys we can see the quality exuding, even from outside the bag looking in. This company epitomizes the unique blend of passion and creativity we love to see in the DC i71 market. We can't wait to review more of what they have in store, and get our hands on some more awesome pup art! For now, if you're looking for a great bag of relaxing ganja, why not consider the excellence that this thoughtful, forward looking company can bring to your doorstep in form of this Modified Grapes selection. Give District Derp a shout and setup your delivery or pick-up appointment today!

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