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Play Doh Cake - Exotic Blooms

Do you remember the smell of play doh? I can still vividly recall the pungent aroma that would immediately emerge from the yellow plastic containers with red tops full of the doughy stuff. Whether the tubs were new and one solid color, or old and 12 different play doh colors mixed together, the joy was still the same. This appropriately named Play Doh Cake from Exotic Blooms actually shares many of the interesting qualities of yesteryear's children's favorite sculpting putty - it's sticky, it's a slew of different colors, its smell will cover and inundate everything you do or touch, and when you experience her effects you'll soon realize that it comes with a giddy, playful and creativity inspiring mega-buzz. It's the stuff dreams are made of, which is pretty much how I recall feeling about play doh when I was a little kid.

☝Just look at those big beautiful hyper white trichomes galore! Upon inspection it's abundantly clear that this bud is cultivated to perfection with every fine detail attended to. For its density it burns remarkably fast, smooth, and with a hyper white ash. While phenomenal in any medium - be it joint, bowl, or vape - I highly recommend pulling a tube of this stuff and entering the vortex headlong. NOT FOR THE NOOBS!

Getting down to what I think is its second best attribute, taste, you've probably never tasted anything quite like this before. It's like someone took London Pound Cake (previously reviewed here) and had a lab accident that created the strongest, sugary cookie dough flavor possible - undoubtedly a hulk-like moment. This flavor also happens to be extremely long-lasting, existing many breaths after you've initially exhaled.

In terms of genetics, this is a sheer mystery. There's literally no other info, not even a bread crumb, out there on this strain. Of course, this isn't uncommon when it comes to designer, super rare, and/or exotic strains - after all these ARE very valuable trade secrets. So let's try to make an informed guess shall we? Even though Exotic Blooms lists this as a sativa dominant hybrid, I would argue that it is probably closer to 50/50 in effect with some noticeable indica-oriented euphoria, which certainly overshadows any rush of energy.

The flavor profile being close to an intensely strong London Poundcake is somewhat of a giveaway that this has heredity from the Cookies family. Knowing the LPC was was a cross of Sunset Sherbet and an unknown indica, perhaps this is Sunset Sherbet crossed with a different indica? Or, more likely, perhaps someone crossed LPC with another flavorful and robust strain? If I had to guess I would point to another "cookie" or "cake" cultivar as the other parent in this cross.

How about Cookie Dough? It makes pretty good sense from a flavor profile standpoint and also given that it would allow for the "Doh" portion of the name. Plus, it's a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype that ends up highly doughy in flavor. Seems like we could be on to something here, eh? Hmmmm.

Want to take your own guess? Curious about this epic cookie dough/cake batter deliciousness? Maybe you just want to experience the nostalgia of playing with something called Play Doh again? Hit up the always punctual, always phenomenal Exotic Blooms today and get some for your own toy box.


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