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Slurricane "Whole Flower" Carts - District Derp

As the holiday season approaches I've always got my eye out for really good carts just a little more than usual. This is because I know that I'll soon be spending an inordinate amount of time with family and friends in settings where, let's face it, I can't just break out a Cookies glass tipped blunt and spark it up like your standard stogie. What I can do, however, is pack a perfectly discreet battery and a few 510 threaded carts in my pocket. That way, anytime I'm outside (or perhaps a well-ventilated area) and no one is looking - poof - medicating complete.

In my early rounds of exploring carts for this purpose, I stumbled upon the above "whole flower" distillate carts from DC I-71 pick-up and delivery artists, District Derp. Yes, Sudo, our four-legged painting friend, has been exercising his creative juices, slinging paint and paint brush with the skill of a renaissance apprentice lately. We knew the flower gifts that paired with these fine works were exquisite, but we didn't know to look here for amazing carts too.

And amazing they are! With the whole flower approach you can get a much cleaner and more naturally flavored toke. This is because the original terpenes, which are present in the plant naturally but typically separated in the distillation process, are re-introduced and blended before completion. Of the flavors available the Slurricane stood out as a varietal that I don't often see in cart form. My curiosity made me choose it for this reason alone.

As a 60/40 indica-heavy hybrid cross of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch, Slurricane usually packs a sweet, creamy, and fruity aroma and flavor. My thinking was that this flavor profile should prove highly enjoyable in a cart given the natural, whole plant approach - and this was spot on. It wasn't the overt berry notes that I was hoping it wouldn't be, instead it was a delightfully subtle sweetness with a tinge of berry and a bit more piney-ness than expected. To me, it was definitely evident of the quality involved - they lab test every batch, which is always refreshing to see and my preferred way to go. Incidentally, this one ran a highly potent 93.75% THC.

I must also mention the District Derp branded batteries they have available. This is the ideal, palm-sized carry along device that I've needed to replace my previous one (an Atmos that mysteriously vanished). Needless to say I'll be putting this quality piece of mini-machinery to great and highly secretive use across Turkey Day and the rest of the holiday season. Pro-tip, if you have a drink with a straw you can, low key, exhale your hit back into your drink and usually retain your cover. Just be sure to exhale slowly and not to cough or you might end up making a...slurricane. 😂🤣🤦‍♂️

To get some of their "whole flower" carts for yourself give our favorite canine art gallery gifting service, District Derp, a shout today! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you and check out our deals page for Derp Discounts!

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