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Chili Verde - Sugar Ray's DC

If you're into high terpene containing indica-dominant strains, DC i-71 delivery service Sugar Ray's has a uniquely exotic strain that just might be your spice of life. Her name is Chili Verde and you might say she's "en fuego". Her aroma is a pungent, piney, and lime-scented diesel fuel with subtle floral notes as well. If you close your eyes on the exhale and think back to your favorite Mexican cantina, the flavor can easily take the form of a spicy pepper or salsa - so intriguing!


On that puff you may also find that it can hit you with the intensity of a mean jalapeño. But, instead of jumping around waiving your hands like your mouth is on fire, this time you'll be physically buried in euphoric relaxation, your head comfortably aflame with what feels much like a headband. You won't need a cerveza to cool down from this type of heat, but it is highly recommended for the impending cottonmouth you'll experience.


A cross of Key Lime Pie and Lavender, it's a very, very spacey high, and the effects are great for tension and stress. Don't save any work for after you partake as the dreaminess makes it hard to focus on anything productive. Definitely one for nighttime use, and pretty much any bedtime indica lovers ideal toke. They say not to eat anything spicy before bed, but toking an exotically spicy treasure trove of indica terpenes is more than ok to help tuck me in.


To grab some of this spicy, flavor packed Chili Verde for yourself give Sugar Ray's DC a shout and setup your delivery today! Also note that you can get 10% off your order with code: TokersGuide

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