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Lemon Cherry Gelato - No Kids Allowed

Happy Friday everyone! I can't get enough of this new batch of Lemon Cherry Gelato from DC i-71 storefront No Kids Allowed. It's everything you want in a fresh, funky, and skunky Gelato cut, but with the added tinge of tart and citrus fruit flavors - just as the name implies. In fact, I'd say most of the difference in the Lemon Cherry versus other Gelato pheno's is noticed on the exhale. You can certainly tell it's something a little different when breaking it up, but it's the gassy, tartness turned sweet and creamy that makes me take a pause and say, "Wow" as I blow out a cloud of her smoke.


Traditional "Gelato" is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, but the Lemon Cherry includes a third, yet-to-be identified strain in the lineage. If I had to guess I would say that strain might the Cookies and Lemonnade collab, Grenadine Cookies. It's flavor profile is quite similar and it would bring in the other side of the Cookies spectrum given that it's a cross of Lemonchello 10 x London Poundcake 75. When I think of the aforementioned "tinge of tart" I can definitely place grenadine (the cocktail mixer) as a possible flavor parallel as well.


Her effects are the rich, yet balanced body high that I find especially delightful on weekend, or pretty much any, mornings. Take it with you on a kayak or fishing voyage and you'll find the natural scenery and tranquil sounds that much more enjoyable. Pull a couple tubes before brunch or lunch and you'll still be able to interact socially, but with an amazing buzz and more of a grin than you might have otherwise. In the afternoon, that grin will come back over your face when you realize that, yes, you still have some of the Lemon Cherry in your pocket. Time to roll up again!


In sum, you can enjoy this slightly indica-heavy hybrid (60/40) nearly anytime of the day and it'll somehow manage to carry the right, chill, stoney vibe whatever the occasion. Head on over to No Kids Allowed, grab some of this Lemon Cherry Gelato, and have yourself a phenomenal sun-filled fall weekend!

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